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Mobile Device and Small Electronics Repair Services in Martinsburg, WV

Mother Board PCI-E Slot

Doctor Desktop LLC provides screen repairs, parts replacement, updates, synching, and more for your mobile devices and small electronics. Call for an appointment or to arrange a pick up!

Ipad, Ipods, Tablet Repair

IPad, IPod, and tablet repair

Doctor Desktop LLC specializes in the latest smartphone technology. If your smartphone or tablet has a broken screen, isn’t syncing, needs software updates, or just plain doesn’t work, call for an appointment and we can help.

Man Holding Cell Phone

Cellphone repair

Is your cellphone not acting like itself?  We’ll give it a thorough going-over and get it back to where it should be. Just call for an appointment and  we’ll take it from there.

Family Sitting Infront Of Television

Flat screen TV repair

Before you rush out to buy a new a new flat screen TV, be sure to call us.

In most instances, a broken TV can be easily repaired so that it is as good as new. Doctor Desktop LLC offers expert TV repair that is fast and which also accommodates your busy schedule. We can work on LCD, LED-LCD, or plasma TVs.

Small Electronic Repair

Small electronics repair

At Doctor Desktop LLC, we strive to help you save money by repairing your small electronics rather than replacing them. This includes radios, CD players, and more. Our experienced team uses the highest quality tools and materials to ensure your small electronics perform at their optimum level.

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